Feline Friday

Our Newest Feline Friday!!
Bella is a beautiful, nine-year-old, declawed, buff colored lady, ready for her Feline Friday debut! She came to us when her owner needed to move into a nursing facility.
Bella is a little sweet and a little sassy. Standoffish at first, once she decides you can be trusted she warms up and seeks affection. She enjoys being petted and brushed but will let you know when she’s had enough. Bella is great company for an afternoon of TV or an evening with a good book.
She’s not interested in canned food but enjoys a couple of crunchy treats now and then. Bella has shown some interest in string toys and the red laser dot. Catnip has her full approval.
Bella would prefer a calm, quiet home with no dogs or other cats. Kids would need to have experience with cats and be middle school or older.
For the next week Bella’s fee of $129.95 has been waived through our Feline Friday program. If you feel you could give Bella the right home please apply at www.campcompanion.org.