Animal Spotlight Times Two – Koolaid & Lincoln

Camp Companion often comes across many animals with incredible back stories. Some of these animals are still looking for their forever homes. Koolaid and Lincoln are two such creatures with powerful stories of loss, love, and hope.

The Sagas of Koolaid and Lincoln


In October of 2015, Koolaid had been spotted wandering around West Concord with a collar tucked under his armpit and around his neck. When he was finally found he was brought to K-M Regional Veterinary Hospital for an open wound that had been left under his arm by the collar being embedded. With the care from Dr. Lauren Dinsmore, the collar was able to be removed and the wound cleaned.

Koolaid stayed in veterinary care for a few weeks while he recovered. During this time his owner came forward and was asked to have Koolaid microchipped. In March of 2018, Koolaid’s family was evicted from their home and surrendered him to Camp Companion. Between March and April, he underwent three surgeries to repair the wound that had been open since 2015. Koolaid remained cool with his larger than life personality through all his adversity. Koolaid is still looking for his forever home. To adopt Koolaid, click here.



Lincoln’s story began in February of 2018 when his owner passed away. He was left alone with his two year old pups, Harry and Brutus. A friend of the owner called Camp Companion concerned about the dogs. Michele was quick to drive out to pick them up. Harry and Brutus were so excited to see Michele they hopped in directly into her car. Lincoln was nervous and frightened by the whole event.  Michele was told she’d never catch him. As she drove away, Lincoln’s silhouette beamed against the winter landscape. She left him with the promise that she would be back for him.

Michele returned to find Lincoln had not left the property, which thrilled her. She brought troves of treats to entice him in, but no amount of cheeseburgers, egg mcmuffins, hot dogs, or steaks would do the trick.It was March now, and Lincoln had still been alone on the property, which was being prepped for sale.

Promise Fulfilled

Then on April 27th, 2018, the promise that had been made to Lincoln was fulfilled. Camp Companion volunteers came to the property and set up a trap. Lincoln made an attempt to escape and suffered minor injuries during the struggle. He was brought immediately to the veterinarian to receive attention for his tongue and a full body examination. Lincoln tested positive for Lyme disease, for which he began treatment almost immediately. He was otherwise a healthy boy.









A year had passed and Lincoln was doing great. Volunteers made frequent visits each day, building trust and allowing Lincoln to become more animated and affectionate. The incredible group of Camp Companion volunteers involved in Lincoln’s rescue gave him the hope he deserved. Lincoln would love to continue to grow in his affection for new loved ones. To adopt Lincoln, click here.


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    Great article! We know that much has changed with KoolAid and Lincoln, but that’s the nature of animal rescue. I’m looking forward to the next Blog!

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