February is Prevent a Litter Month!

Prevent a Litter through Spay & Neuter for your Pets

Spaying and neutering your pet is an important decision that affects the entire family. As pets for life, it’s important to consider why spaying and neutering are so beneficial. These preventative measures also help keep your neighborhood — and the other pets in it — healthier. For example, when you neuter your pet, they may no longer spray urine to mark their territory. Spaying and neutering not only have numerous benefits to both the individual animal and its human caretaker, but it’s also one of the most affordable ways to protect from unwanted litters of puppies or kittens.

What Happens to an Unspayed or Unneutered Pet?

At best, he may become a nuisance to your neighborhood, causing mischief and bringing diseases to your community. At worst, they may fight with other male pets, bring harm to humans or other animals, or can suffer serious diseases. Another problem with pets who are not spayed and neutered, is that unaltered pets can become aggressive toward other animals, especially if they tend to roam and stray outside of the home. If a male animal gets aggressive with other neighborhood pets, he may be injured or killed. Unneutered male animals are also at risk of developing testicular cancer, which is a terrible end to a painfully short life of sexual frustration.

How to Find Low Cost Spay or Neuter Services

MNSNAP (MN Spay and Neuter Assistance Program) offers low cost spay and neuter services along with microchipping and vaccinations for those who qualify. Their mission is:

To end the suffering and unnecessary death of Minnesota cats, dogs and rabbits due to overpopulation by providing both high-quality, affordable and accessible spay and neuter services to those in need, and animal welfare education in the communities we serve.

To see their upcoming clinics & how to qualify, you can visit their website.

If you have feral (farm/barn) cats, there are great options to take care of your outdoor cats with Camp Companion.

Feral cats are cats who live outside without direct human contact. Some have been abandoned to fend for themselves; some of them were born outside. The longer they live on their own, away from human contact, the more feral they become.

Is there a solution for these cats? 
Camp Companion believes there is. We believe we can improve the lives of feral cats and benefit the towns and communities they exist in through a program called TNR: Trap-Neuter-Return.

Final Words

Pets are wonderful companions who enrich our lives in many ways, but it’s important to remember that every pet is an individual and deserves to be treated with respect and affection. As your best friend and one of the family, your pet should be neutered or spayed as soon as possible.

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