Found dog in West Concord

Who is in there?

When a post was shared on October 5th Camp Companion reached out to see what we could do to help this dog. Great thanks to the person who took the time to report and then trap this dog. From meeting at Menards for the transfer to today we have discovered that fear is forefront with this dog. We think it is a girl but honestly we are not 100% as she is still determined to take off any hand that reaches out to her. Lucky for her our determination is just as tenacious. The past few days have been a journey to gain trust but as of yet she is only enjoying the room service but not the company. We hope today will change everything as we have scheduled vetting and grooming so this dog can be comfortable, be able to see and vaccinated! Sounds simple enough but the truth is that a strategic plan has been forming since the day we picked her up on how we would get her to the vet.

7:06 this morning the first txt came in “Not going so well”

7:17 I got her!

Trapped in West Concord

7:24 I put a blanket on her and pet her through the blanket and I think she kind of liked that, between all the growling and trying to eat the kennel she is on her way to the vet!

Unloaded from live trap now what?

Strategic placement of a crate to get this fractious dog to the vet

Sometimes a girl just needs a spa day! Meet Rehab 


Since her arrival this girl has been petrified and she would not let anyone touch her, since her grooming she has changed her tune.  She is now wanting loving.


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