Volunteer Spotlight-Becky Jagush

Becky has been an animal lover since the age of 5. She recalls making friends with a dog made mean by the torment of neighborhood children. Since then she has been involved in numerous foster and rescue missions in places such as WI, MN, TX, OK, AZ and Costa Rica.

With a soft spot for the littles; especially miniature pinschers, chihuahuas and terriers, she opens her heart and home to fostering. Since joining Camp Companion she has successfully fostered and adopted out 7 dogs including 2 of their most challenging cases. She recalls many stories of turning the unadoptables into loving family members. Not all of her fosters have been the difficult cases but they are the most rewarding. She says turning it around for that animal is all worth it when they are matched with the perfect forever home.

When asked if letting her fosters go was difficult, she says not especially. “It’s rewarding to find these animals a forever home.”  She is a true dog lover and rescuer extraordinaire.

Becky is planning to move from Rochester to Caledonia and says the only thing she will miss is Camp Companion and its wonderful people, volunteers and animals.  She plans to return at least once a month to hold the animals at the adoption events.







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