Volunteer Spotlight – Melissa Beach

It Started with a Lost Boy

Melissa Beach began volunteering with Camp Companion about six years ago when she found her now forever boy, Duke, down the road from her. Duke had been micro-chipped, belonging to someone in Wyoming. Duke knew this wasn’t right and Melissa noticed. That fateful day, Duke became part of her family. However, life with Duke can be hard sometimes. Melissa noted, “we have never gone on a trip (even overnight) for six year.” Although Duke has come with challenges, Melissa says they love him.

Finding Passion in Hard Work

Melissa now offers her help with Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) and fostering. Her favorite part about TNR is observing the changes in the cats’ health over a six month or so period. The cats are able to back to hunting and living a happy. The TNR program at Camp Companion is thankless work, but it keeps down the number of homeless animals and decreases the amount of kitten deaths. It takes special people to do this work, but Melissa has advice for anyone looking to help out. She stated, “No matter how hard or inconvenient it is or can be, if they don’t have us they have nothing.”

How You can Help

Any amount of help an individual can offer makes a big difference. It’s all a matter of being open and a willingness to learn. Camp Companion is always looking for volunteers with differing talents. Find out how you can be part of this incredible community by visiting the Camp Companion website at campcompanion.org.



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