Looking for local dog training? We’ve got you.

Let’s talk about dog training! Taking your puppy or dog to training classes is so good for them, both mentally and socially! Especially at a young age, getting your dog properly socialized with both people and other dogs is so important. Puppy and dog classes are great for bonding with your pet. And believe it or not, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I’m currently working on “place” with my rescue, Gilligan. It has made cooking and doing basically anything in the kitchen so much easier, knowing I won’t be tripping over him as he waits for me to drop something. 


Don’t know where to start looking for a trainer? We are lucky to have some amazing trainers locally in and around Rochester, MN.  Here are a few to check out!


PetSmart: https://services.petsmart.com/training

Puppy and beginner training


The Modern K9: https://www.themodernk9.com/

(The owner, Morgan, also fosters with us!)

Training based daycare, private lessons, board & train, boarding


Mindful Mutts:  https://www.mindful-mutts.com

Individualized approach. Private puppy and adult obedience training, 30 day board and train. Also trains service dogs


Pawsability: https://pawsabilitiesmn.com/

Many class options including Canine Good Citizen and classes for reactive dogs


Good Dog Camp: https://www.gooddogcamp.com/

Puppy class and camps


Courteous K9:  https://www.courteousk9s.com/

Group classes, private lessons, day training, board & train, and online learning


Fireside Pet Lodge: https://www.firesidepetlodge.com/

 Located in Chatfield, MN, they offer training, daycamp, boarding and grooming


Family Fido: https://www.thefamilyfido.com/

Group puppy classes, behavior counseling, private lessons, boarding and board to train


No matter who you choose to go with, any training you do with your pet will better your bond, and help your pet be the best they can be. Mental stimulation can be just as important, and tiring, as physical activity. 


Speaking of mental stimulation, here are a few toys for dogs on freezing cold days, rainy days, or when you are working from home and need a good distraction. 

(don’t forget to add Camp Companion to your Amazon Smile account. Amazon donates a portion of all qualified purchases to us!)




Outward Hound dog treat puzzle. The top screws off to make filing easier, and there are 2 hole options. This would work great for a fast eater to force them to eat their meals more slowly. But also a great mental toy for treats.








Snuffle Mat.  Great for a game of hide and seek. Perfect for meal time or play time. 









Original Kong toy. These come in a few different sizes. Stuff with food, peanut butter, treats, Kong Stuff, or any combination. Want an extra challenge? Stuff and freeze before giving it to your pet! Or, check out the recipe below for the ultimate Kong treat!





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