The Rule of 3’s

The Rule of 3’s

We all know that meeting your new furry family member is SO exciting!!  But, Keep in mind, your furry friend has probably been through a lot in a short amount of time. Whether being an owner surrender, or transported here from another state, their world has been turned upside down. One thing I know to be certain, the first day (especially night) or 3 I keep in mind that they are adjusting. A fully housetrained dog may have an accident. They can have a hard time settling down at bedtime. The first time you leave them alone in a brand new home. (remember, they just left the most recent home they were getting settled into.) It’s all new and scary! Yes, there are some dogs who just melt in like they have always been there, but even those dogs are uncertain at times. In rescue, there is the rule of 3’s. 


The First 3 Days

The first three days, your dog will decompress. Know that they don’t know what new adventure they are on, but their life is changing… again. They may feel overwhelmed or scared. They may want to hide and observe from behind furniture. You can set up a kennel for them to hide in as their own safe space. They will most likely not be acting like their true self. They may not want to eat or drink. (Which is ok. Oftentimes a new foster will not eat the first day or so in our home. Even when they act totally fine) They may test their boundaries. The first night in particular is always different with fosters for me the first night in our house. A dog who acts totally calm all day can be nervous at night. Not able to settle down, panting, pacing. Potty accidents. It’s first night jitters. Usually by the next night or so things are better. Remember, it’s all new! Your new pet might not be up for new adventures, and that’s ok. Let them figure out their new home for the first few days.

Week 3

After a few weeks, your new pet will start to settle in, and feel more comfortable. They are starting to realize what you mean when you keep telling them they are at their forever home. They are figuring out their new routine, and are beginning to know what to expect for the day.  They will let their guard down, and show their true personality. However, with that, behavior issues may start to appear. This is the perfect time to start training classes. See the previous post for some great trainers in the Rochester area! If you are having issues with them not bonding with certain family members, have that person be the one who feeds them for a while. When on a walk, let that person hold the leash.

3 Months In

By month three, your furry family member should be feeling completely comfortable in their new home. They have built trust, and a sense of security with their new family. They are fully set into their new routine.


Be patient. Know that the dog you read about and that the foster parent told you about is in there. They just need to know you are safe, and that they are home. 


New Puppy Supplies

I don’t know about you, but I love shopping, and buying accessories is one of my favorites. There is an endless supply of dog accessories to be found. Here are a few ideas for your new furry friend! 


(Be sure to add Camp Companion to your Amazon Smile account! Amazon will donate a percentage of all qualifying purchases to us!)


Snuggle Puppy. If your new pup is missing littermates or other siblings, this toy will be a favorite. It has a heartbeat and a heat pack so they feel like they aren’t alone.


A crate or Kennel. I have a  few of these Midwest Homes kennels for my pups. One for home, one for travel and one that stays in our camper. They are portable, but sometimes it’s nice to just have one ready to go. A kennel can be your dog’s safe space. Some of ours have beds in them, others a pile of old fluffy blankets. The cozier the better (as long as they don’t decide to eat or defluff the bedding!) Some like it to feel more like a cave. Then you can buy a cover, or throw a larger blanket over the top. Tips for kennel training? Here is a link. 

Petsafe EZ Walk Harness. This is my favorite harness for walking dogs that want to pull. The leash hooks in the front, and tightens slightly when they pull. Pro shopper tip: look for a returned one for a discount! 


Rawhide treats are tempting, but there are a ton of safer chews for your dog or puppy. Visit Chuck and Dons , or our locally owned favorite, Rochester Pet and Country Store. Both have a wide variety of non-rawhide chews for your pets. (and basically anything else you might need) You can also say hello to our foster cats they both house for us!


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